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Redpath Coir -growing media

Coco peat is successfully used by some of the largest growers in the world. Redpath offers a range of premium quality Husk chip and Blended Coir Blocks to suit most growing requirements. Redpath Coir provides more breathing and aeration from plant roots, providing vital oxygen to the roots – resulting in better root structure and growth. It has a PH of 5.5 – 6.5, low EC. is odourless, pleasant to handle, has a consistent texture and a high out turn.


Washed, compressed and individually wrapped commercial potting soil grade husk chip is ideal for potting mixes to increase air retention and water holding capacity. It can also increase micro-organism activity. Designed to replace hard and soft wood bark and is excellent for growing Orchids and Bromeliads.  The Husk chips are supplied in 4.5kg blocks. See pricing below.


Standard Coir mix consists of 1/2 mesh processed Coir materials, The standard block is supplied compressed at 4;1 and it’s easy to handle and use, expanding up to 80-90 L in size. It may be used as an indoor or outdoor medium for Seedlings, Inoculums, Nurseries, Greenhouse production crops, lawns, and land filling etc.  It may also be used as an additive to a professional potting soil mix.  Special blended blocks using different ratios of mixes are available on an indent request and these may suit Roses, Anthuriums and Orchids.

Standard Coir blocks are supplied in 5kg size.


Redpath Coir Slabs 

  • Power slab: 100cm x 20cm x 12cm 

They are most often used for greenhouse tomato, cucumber, eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, melons and a number of other vegetables and fruits.

Redpath Coir Slab benefits:

* They are well drained

* Have excellent air to water porosity

* Are able to hold moisture for long term support of plants

* Help reduce temperature variations compared to other soil-less media’s

* Have low variations in EC and PH due to its high caution exchange capacity

Redpath coir slabs contain approximately 65% crushed coir and 35% coir chip. Because of its high air-to-water ratio – rooting becomes prolific throughout the profile of the Redpath coir slab substrate. This fact helps reduce stress to the plant during vigorous vegetative growth stages and during flowering. Plants grown in Redpath Coir Grow bags will establish their roots quicker; have more evenly distributed root systems. Other benefits are faster growth, healthier stems and improved flower blooms / fruit.


Seasonal pricing is currently available on Redpath Coir, call our phone number 03 5441 8284  for our bulk price schedule and container lot breakdown pricing. 

Other blends and sizes are available. Prices are on application.

Discounts apply for Pallet & Container Lots

Please check with your consultant for your crops compatibility and management needs when using coir growing Medias, as crop fertigation / irrigation needs and growing environments may be required to change.

Please Note: Coir media is only stocked at NSW warehouse.


Husk chips

Washed Coir Chips Individually wrapped

Redpath coir range

Washed & Sieved Coir Peat block Individually wrapped

Coir are most often used for greenhouse tomato, cucumber, eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, melons and a number of other vegetables and fruits

Power slab: 100cm x 20cm x 12cm

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