Cloche Systems for the Home

Convenient home packs of the Redpath Kerilea cloche system for the home. Kerilea home gardener gro-tunnels are supplied in convenient pack sizes for the home user and are easy to set up and assemble. The “Gro-Tunnel” & “Garden Series” packs are a very cost effective way to provide warmth and protection for your garden crops. One season clear Kerilea cloche plastic is included with all home garden series gro-tunnels and garden series tunnels. Insulnet frost protection fabric is also an option for covering the cloche frames in the winter season. Insulnet is a frost protection fabric that allows water and air to permeate through the mesh and thus is “self-ventilating” and eases management of the gro-tunnel for those with a busy lifestyle. Other protection fabrics available to for the Kerilea cloche home garden systems are and shade cloth and insect screening

redpath commercial cloche
garden cloche redpath

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