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Aluminium Outdoor Screens

To increase the yield and quality of production you need control over your environment

Redpath can now supply Aluminium Screens to fit to your new or any existing outdoor structure. Both sun radiation from above and IR radiation (heat) from below are effectively reflected, giving the screens its tremendous cooling and insulation properties.


  • Aluminium Screens will allow the grower to
  • Optimise light and growth
  • Reduce summer plant temperatures 
  • Improve conditions favourable to disease
  • Improve your crop quality
  • Provide a better working environment   
  • its tremendous cooling and insulation properties.


  • Manufactured from strong HDPE-strips containing special UV-additives.
  • Light permeable to ensure a diffused even light distribution
  • Heat settled (pre-shrunk) and will shrink a maximal 1 % (at a temperature of max. 70° C).

Redpath also offers climate protection screens with an open woven structure. The voids between the aluminium tapes allow air to move freely through the screen, permitting creation of a much cooler climate during very warm periods.


                      Shading  Energy-saving
SHO 50 O      50 %       20 %
SHO 62 O      62 %       25 %
SHO 74 O      75 %       32 %

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