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Redpath Horizontal air flow fans (HAFL) have been specifically designed to be a 100% corrosion proof fan for indoor use only. This becomes important in the often-harsh environment that a greenhouse or animal shelter can provide. Humidity and chemicals in the environment can be aggressive on any air fan system as they draw a high percentage of surrounding air through themselves.

The Redpath Vortex horizontal air flow fan features an aluminium body that is additionally powder coated. Double-end safety grills are also included, and these are made from corrosion-proof injection-moulded plastic. Two suspension hook hangers are also included.

An efficient yet powerful 200watt single phase motor drives a corrosion proof nylon impellor blade.

How do Vortex Fans Work?

The very simple principle of Horizontal air flow is firstly to invigorate the internal environment and secondly to circulate, mix and stabilise the temperature regime. In still air, warm air rises and will quickly pool in the highest point of the roof, however this is very easily prevented by causing some gentle air motion. This air motion needs only to be very slight but thoroughly across the entire greenhouse.

The third but most important benefit is the reduction in fungal sprays required as a result of installing Vortex Fans. The reason for this is that the gentle air movement displaces transpiration moisture from the foliage and lowers the dew point at the leaf surface. The combination of air movement and drier foliage radically inhibits fungal growth of all kinds and may substantially reduce the need to use fungicides.

Benefits of using Redpath Vortex fans:

  •  Reduced air stratification (temperature layers)
  •  Improved C02 distribution
  •  Helps prevent “calm” pockets of air within the environment
  •  Balance out humidity levels
  •  Reduced fungal disease in plants and respiratory disease in animals


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  • Corrosion resistant:
    •  Heavy duty painted coating on body,
    •  Marine Grade Aluminium body
    •  Corrosion free injection moulded impellor,
    •  Nylon 66 injection moulded grilles at both ends,
    •  Galvanised x 2 suspension hangers.
  •  200 watt motor especially produced for this new style VORTEX FAN designed for harsh environments.
  • Safety Guards both ends for improved safety.
  •  Increased Airflow… The new 510 series greatly increases airflow and throw.
  •  Simple two-point suspension system.
  •  3-year warranty on all body parts, 1-year warranty on motor Weight – 24kg
  •  Air volume – 4600m3/h
  •  Motor – 1400r.p.m
  •  Db rating – Approximately 70db at 3m

Installation suggestions

In a greenhouse situation, to generate a circular horizontal air movement, situate the unit above head height and approximately 3-10 metres in from the gable end wall and 3-8 metres or one-third from the side wall. (See Diagram A).   This will provide a gentle drift down one side across the end and back up the opposite side where it will be recirculated. Suspend the units from chain or stout cord and attach to the roof at strong supports longer than the actual fan. This will brace the fan and prevent any swinging or sway induced by the airflow. Use two fans per bay on single span houses. For multi-bay structures use one fan per bay and site each adjacent fan at opposite ends of the house. In longer houses than 35-40 metres we would suggest additional fan units be situated every 30-35m along the bay to assist air movement for the full length.