Redpath cloche systems

Our very popular cloche frame and wire spring retaining clip system, originally designed and made by ‘Kerilea’ they are now manufactured in-house by Redpath.
Each roll-formed steel cloche frame includes a “wrap-over” spring retaining wire.  The cloche frames are supplied in a three nominal sizes.
They can be purchased in bare pack lots of 25 frames. Covering is also available including the heavy grade clear cloche film with UV stabiliser and 50 micron thickness (see below)


(1)   800mm wide x   600mm tall  (25 frames and clips per pack)

(2) 1000mm wide x 1000mm tall  (25 frames and clips per pack)

The packs include the frames & the bespoke design “wrap-over” wire clip system that holds the covering down onto each frame.
Redpath cloche systems are popular for Strawberry, Kumara, Seasonal flowers, early seedlings and late season protection of a wide variety of vegetables and flower crops.
The cloche’s are simple to install, and you can make the tunnels to any length to suit your needs. The frames should be spaced to suit your local conditions – this might be as close as 1m apart for windy sites and as much as 3m apart for more protected sites.
Simply push each side leg of the individual frames into the ground beside your growing bed, Slide your cover over the frames and bury it at the ends, then fit the wrap-over spring wire clip. (NOTE: Angle the frames at the end of the bed outward slightly to better resist the covering tension)
Remember to purchase more covering length than the length of your tunnel, as you need to secure the covering at each end of the tunnel by burying it or by bundling it together and wrapping it around a timber stake.
If required you can ventilate the cloche tunnel by sliding the side of the film up or down the sidewalls of the low tunnel system, the wire wrap-over clip will temporarily hold the covering in place.
You can cover your cloche system with a variety of materials including cloche longer life 50 micron plastic, Frost fabric or Shadecloth. Some of these covering options are available from Redpath and are listed below. 


Cloche systems

redpath commercial cloche
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garden cloche redpath
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

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