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frame protection tape for greenhouses polyguard nz

Polyguard is a self-adhesive white 100% polyester felt tape designed to provide a soft barrier between the greenhouse or animal shelter frame and the polythene cladding. By reducing abrasion and excessive temperatures at the film/frame contact points, both extended life and reduced maintenance of the covering can be expected.
A high contact acrylic adhesive is used on Polyguard and this adheres well to steel, aluminium and timber frames.

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greenhouse plastic film repair tape long life

50mm x 25m roll
Redpath Patchbond is a permanent repair system for flexible membranes such as greenhouse films and animal shelter coverings. Patchbond's aggressive acrylic based adhesive is applied to patch material the same as the membrane about to be repaired. This then is applied to the damaged area on one side or both. Patchbond will adhere readily to the covering and it will resist UV degradation, water, temperature fluctuations well.
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greenhouse tunnelhouse glasshouse batten tape nz

50mm x 50m roll
Batten tape is typically used on singleskin greenhouse and animal shelters where the cladding is to be retained by isolating battens onto the framework. This tape adheres to the batten and also the top surface of the cladding when the batten is placed onto the cladding. Thus when the batten is screwed or nailed in place the batten seals around the screw/nail puncture holes and prevents them from leakage and also side "shear" caused by wind load on the covering.
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greenhouse tunnelhouse repair tape clear nz

Redpath all weather tape is a clear self-adhesive tape for the simple and quick patching of small tears or holes that can occur in greenhouse covers and animal protection claddings. UV stabilised and inconspicuous when applied and cost effective. Often used for repairs to other materials such as joining flooring films, and small glass crack repairs.
Typically last 12-18 months in application, - if a longer life more permanent repair is needed then Redpath recommend the "patch-bond" repair tape system. Patching tape for minor repairs & maintenance

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page