Redpath Plant Stands – Flat top bench type

  • Ideal for displaying or storing potted plants, or for propagation of seedlings
  • Heavy duty long lasting galvanised steel deters pests & insect infestation + No plastic parts!
  • Galvanised (inside & out) steel tube & 50x50mm weldmesh
  • Free standing design with removable legs for efficient freighting nationwide
  • Design allows limits water penetration inside frame to resist corrosion
  • Built stronger to last longer!, can support large , heavy pots / plants
  • User friendly rounded edges.

*Sizes available below

Flat top bench:

*690mm High x 910mm deep  x 1160mm Long, 2 legs

*690mm High x 910mm deep  x 2320mm Long, 3 legs


Potting work bench: 

*800mm High x 600mm Deep x 900mm Long supplied without a lower shelf.

2 Tiered Plant Stands: 

*680mm High x 570mm Deep x 1160mm Long

*680mm High x 570mm Deep x 2320mm Long

2 Tiered dimensions: 1st Tier 360mmH, 2nd Tier 680mmH.


3 Tiered Plant Stands:  

*1100mm High x 810mm Deep W x 1760mm Long

*1100mm High x 810mm Deep x 2320mm Long

3 Tiered dimensions 1st Tier 400mm H, 2nd Tier 750mm H, 3rd Tier 1100mm H.