Commercial Greenhouses

Vented roof designs

Redpaths high quality environmental control pitched roof greenhouses. 4.1, 6m, 8m, 9.6m or 10.65m. Add auto roof ventilation, roll up Read more

Arch roof designs

Redpath arch tunnel greenhouse spans are supplied in 5m, 6m, 8m or 9.6m widths. Used for seasonal vegetables & flowers crops. Twinskin or SRead more

Flat-roof shadehouse

Redpath flat roof shadehouse, supplied in kitset for , easy to build with sleeve connectors. Pole layout spacing is a nominal 5.78m x 5.78 …Read more

Arch or Truss Shadehouse

The Redpath arch or truss shadehouse designs are another option to the more cost-effective flat roof shadehouse designsRead more

Medicinal Cannabis Marijuana Hemp

Production of medicinal cannabis marijuana requires quality PAR light & accurate control of Read more

Quarantine Facility Structures

Specialised quarantine greenhouses for bio-control. Pressurised or natural vented designs of variousRead more