Insulnet – frost protection fabric knitted long-life

Insulnet is a clear knitted thermal control fabric. It is designed to protect plants from heavy rain, hail, pests and light frosts. Insulnet is permeable to air and water and thus allows rainwater to travel through it and irrigate the plants below.  A permeable textile will also allow the protected zone of the plant to “breathe”, reducing intense heat and humidity beneath the Insulnet canopy.

Insulnet is very often used to cover small tunnels or cloche systems, or alternatively it is draped directly over larger plants and trees.  Insulnet is laid directly over turf / lawn areas to protect the young growth and promote propagation. When used as a horizontal screen in a greenhouse environment it creates an effective energy barrier between the crop and the roof of the structure without overly restricting light transmission to the crop.

Insulnet is a tough knitted textile and may be rolled up and stored away for year after year.  Unlike many other types of lightweight frost fabrics the Insulnet fabric is tough enough to be handled when heavy with dew or rain. Insulnet is UV stabilised.

Redpath Insulnet is available in roll sizes of  2m x50m and 4m x 50m 

Redpath Lockstrip or Duralock may be used to secure Insulnet, or simply clipped to the plants or framework.


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frost protection fabrics new zealand commercial rolls
Insulnet frost protection fabric knitted long-life

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