Hortiplus180 greenhouse film

Hortiplus180 micron Redpath greenhouse film provides a cost effective yet medium/long life greenhouse film for commercial growers.

Hortiplus180 has a good service life and its strength is made possible by its 3 layer construction. Hortiplus now has 40% Light diffusion, which scatters light entering the greenhouse. This reduces the risk of burning, improves the amount of light available to the lower parts of the plant and results in a more uniform temperature. It is especially helpful with tall vegetable crops growing in warmer areas. See Duratough product for heavier gauge and longer life.

Hortiplus180 is high in light transmission (over 91%) for superior crop growth, Hortiplus is 180 microns thick, it is also anti-condensation treated on one side with that side faced downward toward the crop.  The anti-condensation feature helps prevent condensation droplets from forming on the greenhouse covers inside surface and thus assists in preventing condensation water-droplets from falling onto the crop below. This feature can substantially reduce the incidence and spreading of crop diseases and fungal growth’s that can cost you valuable time spray use and of course crop production losses.

Hortiplus180 is available in widths of 5.5m, 7.5m, 9m and 11m and may be purchased in any length (5m minimum) and a ‘cut to length’ service is offered by Redpath allowing customers to order only the length they require to fit their buildings and minimise waste.

(Please select your preferred length from the drop-down arrows below).

Some of examples of Hortiplus180 roll prices* incl. GST are,
many other sizes available! 

5.5m width   x10m = $179.44, x 20m = $299.06, x 40m = $418.68                  
7.5m width   x10m = $244.69, x 15m = $305.86, x 30m = $428.20                
9m width      x10m = $293.62, x 15m = $367.03, x 30m = $513.84
11m width    x10m = $358.87, x 15m = $448.59, x 30m = $628.03
Jumbo rolls: Super savings! – Just $1.52 m2
5.5m x 500m = $4186.84             ($8.37 Lineal metre !)   
7.5m x 500m = $5709.33             ($11.42 Lineal metre !)   
   9m x 300m = $4110.72              ($13.70 Lineal metre !) 
11m x 300m = $5024.20               ($16.75 Lineal metre !) 
Please click the drop down arrow at the base of this page beside “prices listed” to see the full range of prices for every roll length of each width.
* Prices are subject to change at any time and are subject to availability, Freight is not included


Hortiplus widths available