Polyweave reinforced film pro-rata UV warranties conditions:

Warranty applies to: Polyweave™ covering that is fitted by the supplier or an approved installer.

Warranty Period: Starts at time of delivery to site, when material are under the customer’s control

Warranty Cover: Materials only warranty, does not include any incidentals labour, freight etc.

Limitations of this warranty:

Pro-Rata Limited UV Warranty

Greenhouse films are manufactured for Redpath® are submitted to rigorous quality controls to make sure that any product delivered to customers conforms to its specifications.

The manufacturer guarantees the lifetime of the product listed below against premature UV- degradation for the following period.

Polyweave 300 micron Australia 3 winter seasons, 2 Summer seasons 

3 seasons is a period of 36 months, including no more than 9 winter months and 6 summer months

In case of premature failure due to UV-degradation before the above period, the manufacturer will offer a discount on his purchase price for replacement of the damaged quantity of film, with same terms & conditions as those he had sold the failed film, according to the formula below:

D% = (GL-AL) / GL X 100
D% = discount percentage
GL = guaranteed life of film, in months
AL = actual life of film at time of failure, in months, starting September 1st prior to the film’s installation which should not be later than 12 months from production date.

Conditions and Exclusions:

1. A film is considered as having been subject to premature UV-degradation when its tensile strength at break has fallen below 11N/mm2 (according to ASTM D882) due to the effect of UV radiation.

2. Failures due to mechanical damage by puncture, impact or contact with plants, steel or copper clamps, strong wind, storm, hail or other extreme weather conditions or act of god, effect of pesticides as shown by presence of S, CU, AS, HG, TI and hydrogen rings at a cumulative level exceeding 700ppm in the film, F,CI, BR, I at a cumulative level exceeding 150ppm in the film and/or Fe at a level exceeding 100ppm in the film, improper handling, conservation or installation of the film, improper condition of the greenhouse

The film must be protected from the structure in respect to rust, sharp points, resin exudation from wood, greases, petroleum, either tar etc. use of PVC protective tapes or coating paints which are not vinyl or acrylic based, are expressly excluded from this warranty.

1. The whole surface of film which is in contact with the greenhouse frame must be covered with suitable protective tapes.
No warranty is provided and no liability is assumed regarding the effectiveness and/or duration of the anti-drip effect.

2. The attached manufacturer’s instructions if installation and usage of the film must have been followed.

3. In case of any failure, user is responsible to minimise any damages that could occur.

4. This warranty covers only the replacement value of the damaged film according to the scheme outlined above. No warranty is offered and no liability is undertaken whatsoever for replacement costs or for potential damages to the crop, loss of profit or special, indirect or consequential damages.

5. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties or conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise including but not limited to merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. It is the responsibility of the user to verify he suitability type of film for his particular application.

6. Seller’s general terms & Conditions of supply and delivery apply.

Procedure for verification of claims:

1. A sample of at least 0,5 m2 from the damaged area of film must be sent for analysis and identification of the causes of failure to the manufacturer within 1 week from noticing a failure, including the following information: type of film, dimensions, production code, date purchased, date installed, kind and condition of structure, crop, pesticides used and their frequency, place where film failed, digital photographs plus the quantity of film that is claimed to have failed as well as any other information reasonably asked by the manufacturer.
2. The manufacturer and/or the representative must be allowed to inspect the site, if required
3. In case the inspection and/or analysis held by the manufacturer’s lab reveal that failure is due to the quality of the film, the above conditions of warranty will apply. Once samples and all information have been received – then Lab analysis will require up to 6-10 weeks.
4. In a different case, the user has the right to submit the film to an independent laboratory of mutual acceptance, that will carry the necessary tests and its option on the cause of failure will be accepted by both parties. The cost of such independent analysis will be covered by the manufacturer, if the report indicates failure of the film due to its quality, or by the user if the failure was not due to the quality of the film or it is shown that one of the conditions/exclusions had not been followed.

Conditions of use and other considerations:

1. Extreme acts of weather e.g. Tornado, winds above 140kph, Large or unusually sized or shape Hail, Snowfall above 500mm deep, outside impact of flying debris, pest/animal damage are not covered.
2. Forces from other source: E.G flying debris (branches from trees etc that might cause initial puncture damage), Farm machinery, Fire, Ash, Malicious acts and Vandalism, etc. are not covered
3. Fair wear and tear, abrasion, elongation from temperature fluctuations etc. is not covered by this warranty.
4. Chemical attack of the cladding is not covered by this warranty E.G exposure to petroleum, fertilisers, chlorine, sulphur, based products including paints, cleaners, sterilizing agents, and localised outside sources.
5. Any alterations or repairs made to the original cladding, building and or holding systems without the supplier’s written prior approval.
6. Lack of maintenance requirements on the covers and clipping systems by the Client.
7. Minor variations in diffusion, or plastic distortion which can occur naturally during the manufacturing process.
8. Folds, Puckers, Creases, Undulations: Polyweave is a very thick and heavy duty laminated film. Its construction is similar to a fabric as opposed to a polythene extruded film and thus is inclined to display greater variance in its appearance in the form of tension lines, undulations, creases, etc. These effects are not covered by any warranty.
9. The supplier shall in no event be liable to the buyer for loss of profits, or special, indirect or consequential damage.
10. This warranty does not remove any rights that the customer might have under Australian law.
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