Cricket shelters

Redpath Cricket shelters provide a natural light training facility.

Redpaths specialist Duratough® heavy duty long life clear roof cladding allows PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) light to travel through the cladding which in-turn allows natural grass pitches to be grown within the shelter if required. Artificial turf is also a common use within the Redpath cricket shelters.
Natural light provides life-like conditions for bowlers and batsmen to practice. Another option is to fit a white shaded Durashade roof cladding for a cooler environment for summertime practice in warmer climates.

Redpath Cricket shelters may be fully roof vented with single or double sided “butterfly” ridge vents. These may be fully automated with temperature control, wind and rain over-ride close down. Redpath can include a gas powered heating system if required for winter so that a year round use of the training facility can be achieved. Redpath Vortex air stirrer fans are also a popular accessory for further improving the climate within the shelter.

The training shelter may be built with a more cost-effective venting system in the form of an ‘open-sided’ design where textiles or shadecloth are used on the side and end walls only. This eliminates the costs of a roof venting system , and is popular for smaller facilities.
Roll up blinds may also be fitted to side walls, and these may be manual or fully automatic opening.

Sliding entrance doors and specific Fire doors may be placed wherever required in the side or end walls, various sizes and types may be chosen.

Basic Specifications:

Span / Bay Widths: 6, 8, 9.6, 10.65  spans (you can connect multiple spans side-by-side)
Post spacing lengthways: 3 metres between posts (spacer beam for 6m centres is an option)
Height to gutter options: 3m, 3.5m, 4m
Apex height: Up to 7 metres
Roof Ventilation Design: Optional double ridge or single ridge vent system.
Side ventilation: Optional fixed breathable cloth, or Roll up wall system
Roof cladding: Clear Duratough®, or white shaded Durashade, Duraflex or Canvas
Wall cladding: Optional fixed breathable cloth
Frame Guard Tape: All roof members that touch the cladding include Polyguard felt frame protection for longer cover life
Doors: Select single or double sliding doors in any wall
Footings: Typically 1.3 metre deep x 0.450 diameter
Wind load: 120kph, greater if required
Installation: Redpath can supply in Kit form or have your nearest subcontract builder install your building for you.
Main assembly: All bolted design, HDG or Zinc
Warranty: Yes, Redpath 5 Year gold series manufacturer’s warranty

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