Reflectamat Lumilys ® Smart Reflective Orchard Groundcover

Reflectamat Lumilys® groundcover is developed to provide optimal light reflection in the heart of any apple orchard. Over just the last few weeks Reflectamat Lumilys® provides the crucial extra PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) light that gives your colour-sensitive apples the most beautiful red blush.

Reflectamat Lumilys® smart reflective groundcover 

  • Strongly influences the optimal colour development of red fruit.
  • Optimum PAR light distribution within any orchard
  • Maintains healthy shape of underlaying grass
  • Durable against weather and UV. Withstands normal mechanical exposure, such as tractor rides and wind.
  • Engineer designed quick installation method
  • Increased profitability per hectare

Advantages of Reflectamat Lumilys®

  • + 30% more light in all types of weather
  • Optimal red colouring
  • + max. 25% premium choice apples
  • Payback return after 1 to 2 seasons
  • Up to 20% average annual return

“Depending on what types of apples you have and what regions you live in, you can use it for not only one type of apple, but in the same season for up to three kinds of apples, and this makes it very worthwhile for the growers to us it.”

3 years UV Pro-Rata warranty on Lumilys (conditions apply)

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Installation Guide

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