Blackout Screens

To increase the yield and quality of production you need control over your environment

For controlling day length. The double layered SI-C screen brings 99.6% blackout which is enough for the most sensitive plants. Choosing an aluminium upper side retains most heat. And for the under-side, choosing black will avoid the unnecessary lighting. The unique knitted structure reduces condensation and allows them to be bundled to a small size for maximum available light.  Its good permeable to water feature, minimises dew on the crop which reduce the risk of fungal diseases.


  • Energy Saving;
  • Heat Preservation;
  • Photoperiod Control


  • 2 layers Blackout Screens
  • Aluminium upper layer
  • 99.6% light reduction
  • Permeable to air flow
  • Heat settled (pre-shrunk) and will shrink a maximal 1 % (at a temperature of max. 70° C).

Can be used on Cannabis, Hemp, Poinsettia, Chrysanthemums, Asters, Gypsophila, and Carnations

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