Greenhouse Fans – Air stirrer and Extraction

Vortex Horizontal air stirring fans – Aluminium body

The Redpath Horizontal air flow fans have been specifically designed to be a 100% corrosion proof fan for indoor use only. This becomes important in the often harsh environment that a greenhouse or animal shelter can provide. Humidity and chemicals in the environment can be aggressive on any air fan system as they draw a high percentage of surrounding air through themselves.

The Redpath Vortex horizontal air flow fan features an aluminium body that is additionally powder coated. Double end safety grills are also included and these are made from corrosion proof injected moulded plastic. Two suspension hook hangers are included also.

An efficient yet powerful 200watt single phase motor drives a corrosion proof nylon impellor blade. 

Redpath Greenhouses

Benefits of using Redpath Vortex fans:

* Reduced air stratification (temperature layers)

* Improved C02 distribution

* Helps prevent “calm” pockets of air within the environment

* Balance out humidity levels

* Reduced fungal disease in plants and respiratory disease in animals

greenhouse horizontal air flow fan stirrer nz

1ph 450mm white alloy body includes grilles


Redpath air extraction fans

Redpath extraction fans are designed and manufactured in Europe. They use a strong galvanised box housing and six blade stainless steel propeller. The blades are both statically and dynamically balanced to provide reduced operating noise and vibration. Redpath fans are produced to meet the exacting standards set by ANSI and AMCA specifications.

Redpath fans use quality vee belt pulleys which are supported by double ball bearings. All bearings are additional protected to prevent water ingress. The Redpath Euroremmes unique fan blade design provides one of the lowest energy consumption figures yet has one of the highest air flow performance levels. The patented shutter operating system gives minimal energy and air drag.

Basic Features:

* Superior build quality

* Statically & dynamically balanced blade

* Patented centrifugal shutter system

* Stainless steel impellor

* Low resonance with reduced noise

* Quality double ball bearing shaft design

* 12 month all parts warranty

    fan to move air

    Assembled, with CE kit & Pyra Mesh


    Redpath evaporative cooling pads

    Evaporative cooling pads are a very effective way to cool air as it enters the greenhouse or animal shelter. Evaporative cooling pads are a paper based core system that has an overhead water supply (via an aluminium tray) trickle fed through the pad itself.  As the water travels through the “core”, it cools the air being drawn through it.

    The waste water that runs through the pad is collected by a catch tray at its base and then recycled back to the top tray via a small pump.

    Evaporative pads are typically a custom fit – and Redpath can design a system to suit your needs. Use the enquiry form below for more information.

    Fans not included