Reflectamat white woven long-life flooring

Redpath’s Reflectamat is an extremely hard wearing 100gsm weight, greenhouse flooring fabric that offers growers a long life non slip solution for their floors.

Reflectamat is a permeable membrane allowing excess water from the crop or the greenhouse to pass through it and into the soil beneath. This breathable fabric reduces the likelihood of the solid beneath the greenhouse going “sour” as well as helping to prevent pooling of water on the greenhouse floor.

Reflectamat is manufactured from a heavy duty commercial grade of UV stabilised polypropylene and will resist heavy foot traffic and wear from soft wheeled greenhouse trolleys. Reflectamat is slip resistant when wet improving the safety of the greenhouse workplace.

Reflectamat’s bright white colour provides excellent “light reflectivity” from the floor back into the dense crop foliage to assist with production. Reflectamat includes lengthways “marker lines” to assist with crop row alignment when setting up.

Two sizes of Reflectamat are available

3.65m x 100m rolls and 4.15mx 50m rolls.


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