Greenhouse Films

Hortiplus180, 3 year pro-rata

Hortiplus180 is Redpath’s super competitively priced 3-year greenhouse film, 180-micron, anti-drip feature inRead more


commercial grade greenhouse roofing film

Duratough 210 micron long life

Clear long-life greenhouse film, Duratough’s extra thickness at 210 microns gives superior life and durabilityRead more


redpath tunnel house plastic

Duratough EVO 210 micron AC

A long-life, low-maintenance greenhouse film, manufactured with specially designed 7-layer co-extrusion lines and an added 8th surface layer for a very long-lasting anti-dripping effectRead more


redpath tunnel house plastic

Durashelter 254 micron longlife

Super long-life and heavy duty clear greenhouse film system. Unique to Redpath, this film has up to 6-8 years seriRead more


Durashade White 215 micron long life

Durashade light white shaded 215-micron 4-year greenhouse film for nursery crops or tropical. Same long-life resin as …Read more


Polyweave reinforced 300 micron

Polyweave reinforced greenhouse film; high strength and high resistance to tearing or Read more



Canvacon reinforced covers

Canvacon 5000 three layer laminated, High strength and high resistance to tearing / rippingRead more



Duraflex white light shaded 215 micron

Duraflex greenhouse film is a solid light white shaded roof covering often used for nursery crops, propagation, and animal shelter applications…Read more