Garden centre / Nursery buildings overview

Redpath has installed dozens of structures into retail garden display areas and nurseries throughout Australia and New Zealand.  These designs may use one of a number of truss spans and designs – to suit each client’s particular application or site. Aesthetics are just as important to the garden centre ‘shoppers experience’  and Redpath offer many types of cladding types and roof shapes to meet these needs. Pole spacing’s may also be adjusted to suit the individual retailer’s yard / space.

You can fit Redpath overhead shade or thermal screens to this greenhouse design.

Basic Specifications:

  • Span / Bay Widths: 6m, 8m, 9.6, 0r 10.65 metres (or combinations of any)
  • Post spacing lengthways: 3 metres between posts
  • Height to gutter options: 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, or 4.5 metres
  • Apex height: Up to 7 metres
  • Roof ventilation: Available on truss shaped designs, automatic or manual control
  • Side ventilation: – standard roll up wall, manual or optional automatic. Rack & pinion side vents also available or forced air fan with cooling inlet pad system.
  • Vent mechanism if supplied:  Ridder motors and controllers, indirect Geared rack and pinion system
  • Roof cladding: Single-skin or Twinskin Duratough® 210-micron 4-Year film (service life 6-8 years)  (10 Year Durashelter® also available)
  • Wall cladding: Single-skin or Twinskin Duratough® 210-micron 4-Year film (service life 6-8 years)  (10 Year Durashelter® also available)
  • Greenhouse film anti-fog package: Included
  • Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic included
  • Gutter design: Wide “walkthrough” Vee gutter, steel, gives easy & safe access to roofline.
  • Doors: Sliding door with aluminium framed, aluminium base sheet with clear acrylic top section panels, doors may be in end or sidewall
  • Footings: Typically 1.25 metres deep x 0.450 diameter (soil type dependent)
  • Wind load:  120kph, greater if required
  • Crop loading: Up to 30kg m2, greater if required, crop kit system not included as standard on garden centre units.)
  • Snow load:  Yes, snow load compliant up to 50kg m2
  • Installation: Redpath can supply in Kit form or have your nearest subcontract builder install your building for you.
  • Main assembly: all bolted design, Rubber sleeves (3mm thick) fitted to all poles at ground contact for superior anti-corrosion
  • Warranty: Yes, Redpath 5 Year gold series manufacturer’s warranty, with extra warranty on covering


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