Easy build steel framework

Flat-roof Shadehouse

Supplied in sizes from 70sqm to 10,000sqm or more – The Redpath Easy-build flat-roof shadehouse is an affordable all steel framed shelter that offers shaded climate protection or a hardening off environment for a wide range of nursery crops, native plants etc.

Pole spacing’s are set out in a grid of 5.7m x 5.7m, with each vertical pole having a four-way slide-connector at its top to provide simple assembly. All of the main steel framework is pre-cut to length and ready for assembly with only basic tools and ladders required to erect the building.
The sidewalls and roof canopy are 3 metres tall to allow clearance for light machinery access and good overhead space for fitment of irrigation or lighting etc.  The design of the building includes  ‘angled raker poles’ around the full perimeter edge which give additional bracing strength against wind. All of the steel framework is  hot dipped galvanised for longevity.
The Redpath flat-roof shadehouse is supplied with most popular 50% shade grade long life fully knitted commercial shadecloth cladding. Alternative types of nettings such as Birdnetting, Insect netting, or 30% Shadecloth may also be fitted to the roof or side walls. Aluminium Duralock is used to securely hold the shadecloth in place at its edges and corners.
A 5.7m opening is located on one sidewall to be used as an entry, or you can add more openings if required.  A sliding door can also be added as an optional extra within these openings.

Redpath Easy-build shadehouses are suited for up to medium wind exposure sites. Flat roof shadehouses are not suited to snow load regions, we recommend a Redpath arch or pitched roof truss shadehouse for that type of application.

Redpath easy-build flat-roofed shadehouses are supplied in kitset form, and due to their simplistic construction they are usually almost always assembled in small or large areas by their owners with only basic tools and experience. They do not include design engineering for council as they are a non water-bearing / draining surface. (rainfall travels through the shadecloth)
It is also possible to connect the steel poles bases to your own short timber rammed pole* if that is your preference – otherwise they are typically placed directly into the ground with a small amount of concrete to secure them. (*timber pole not included)
Pictures show current design as of date of writing, Click on the enquiry now button and we will send a price estimate within 48 hours. The Flatroof shadehouses are supplied in many sizes but also check-out some of the popular standardised sizes on special below.

Standard Specifications:

Span widths/length: Based on 5.7m x 5.7m pole layout grid (+ additional area gained by the angled sidewall).
Sidewall height: Taller 3m post height for improved efficiency of overhead irrigation, and clearance for machinery
Roof & Wall cladding: 50% shade knitted commercial shade green included, 10 year+ service life is typical.
Shadecloth holding system: Duralock 2 aluminium clamp system and cable omega clip system included
Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all steel roof / side frames members that touch the shadecloth included
Entry: There is a 5.7m open area (non clad) left in the side wall or the end wall as an entry opening (see below for door option)
Door: A sliding aluminium door with roller bearings door may be fitted to the entry opening is an optional extra
Footings: 750-800mm depth x 250mm nominal size.  (Or a timber pole footing may be used – Not included)
Sleeve connector design: Easy build slide together connectors are used, no cutting of steel required.
Design parts: All framing, Shadecloth, Bolts, Screws, Connectors, Base cables, Clamps, Tensioners. etc included
Wind load: Designed for semi-sheltered sites, although are suited to most NZ sites (no snow load)
Size & Site: Built in any size with 5.7m x 5.7m bay footprint, Tolerant to undulating ground
Assembly: Plans and an assembly guide are included, Simple construction, no heavy machinery required
Warranty: Yes, Redpath 3 Year manufacturer’s frame warranty against defect.
Alternative claddings: 30% shadecloth, Birdnetting, Insect netting, White shadecloth are optional extras

Click on the enquire now button below and send us the size required for a price or call us on phone 03 5441 8284

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