Redpath woven long life weedshield

Redpath weedshield is manufactured from a tough woven commercial grade polypropylene. This heavy-duty fabric weighs 90 grams per sq/m and is U.V-stabilised. Covering Redpath weedshield with bark or scoria will further extend its life.

Weedshield allows soil to “breathe” which assists in the reduction of fungal growths in the soil beneath and reduces the likelihood of the soil going “sour”.

Using weedshield will promote healthier plants and a cleaner landscape environment. Using weedshield can save the cost of ongoing weed sprays.  Weedshield is porous and allows rainfall to travel through the fabric yet slows the release of moisture away from the soil.

Weedshield is stocked in four different sizes 0.91m x 100m, 1.83m x 100m, and 3.66m x 100m.

A variety of weedmat pins available, all in boxes of 200:

– Steel weedstaples Lengths: 150mm.

– Plastic weednails lengths: 120mm.

Call for a free sample of Black Weedmat – Phone 03 5441 8284 or use the form below

Please call for a quotation on quantities of 20 rolls and over

black weedmat rolls commercial grade redpath woven weed control
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