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Super series 8m Overview

The Redpath Super series 8m width greenhouse is used mainly for year-round production of vegetables, flowers and nursery crops that require accurate environmental control irrespective of the outside conditions.

The Super series design is usually singleskin clad with Duratough or Durashelter long life greenhouse film with a service life of ten years +.  The cosecant rafter "A" frame design is a unique Redpath feature and it allows superior light transmission through to the crop via its reduced overhead structural shading.

The truss/rafter is also 'curved' so that any internal condensation is prompted to run to the edge of the roof sheets. Reducing condensation allows higher levels of sunlight through to the crop and reduces overhead dripping.

The single ridge ventilation system and incorporates aluminium draft strip upstands along the full length of roof vent closure points which provides improved weather flashing.  The roof ventilation is typically fully automated with high quality European vent drives - although manual control is an option. 

This building's roof ventilation is typically complimented by the roll up sidewall vents which may be manual or automatic opening. 
Gutters are a 250mm wide structural part, and of 'walkthrough' design, the gutters allow substantial rainfall catching and easy access to the roof for maintenance and equipment. All gutters include a 100% rust-proof rain head at gutter ends to catch and duct rainwater to downpipes. Gutters are included standard on the exterior pole lines also.

Redpaths 5 Year gold series warranty applies to this design.

Basic Specifications:

  • Span / Bay Widths: 8 metres
  • Post spacing lengthways: 3 metres between posts
  • Height to gutter options: 3m, 3.5m, 4m, or 4.5metres
  • Apex height: Up to 7 metres
  • Roof Ventilation Design: Single-ridge or Double ridge optional
  • Vent drive systems: High quality European made design.
  • Roof vent upstand flashings & end weather flashings:  Yes included as standard
  • Side ventilation: - standard roll up wall, manual or optional automatic
  • Vent mechanism:  Geared rack and pinion system
  • Roof cladding: Single-skin Duratough 210 4 Year film (service life 6-8 years)  (10 Year Durashelter also available)
  • Wall cladding: Single-skin Duratough 210micron 4 Year film (service life 6-8 years)  (10 Year Durashelter also available)
  • Greenhouse film anti-fog package: Included
  • Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic included
  • Doors: Sliding door with aluminium framed, aluminium base sheet with clear acrylic top section panels, doors may be in end or sidewall
  • Footings: Typically 1.25 metre deep x 0.450 diameter (soil type dependent)
  • Wind load:  145kph, greater if required
  • Crop loading: 30kg m2, greater if required, crop kit system included on request. (overhead wire location by client)
  • Snow load:  Yes, snowload compliant up to 50kg m2
  • Installation: Redpath can supply in Kit form or have your nearest subcontract builder install your building for you.
  • Main assembly: all bolted design, Rubber sleeves (3mm thick) fitted to all poles at ground contact for superior anti-corrosion
  • Warranty: Yes, Redpath 5 Year gold series manufacturer's warranty, with extra warranty on coverings


  • Shade or Thermal screen systems
  • White woven long-life Reflectamat greenhouse flooring cover
  • Environmental controller with wind-speed, wind direction, rain, internal temperature control of roof and or side vents
  • Manual roof vent drive system also available (if required)

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