Duratough extra heavy duty 210 micron greenhouse film

– from just 1.79 per m2*! (*Jumbo rolls)

Duratough 210 micron Redpath greenhouse film provides a long life low maintenance greenhouse film with great storm / wind resistance and superior UV stability to commercial growers

Duratough 210 has an excellent service life and its strength is directly related to its thickness of 210 microns, It offers a small amount of diffusion to aid the spread of light throughout the greenhouse crop, yet still gives a very “clear to the eye” appearance.  Duratough 210 is specified as standard on all Redpath widespan greenhouse designs and sold nationwide.

Duratough 210 is high in light transmission (over 90%) for superior crop growth, Duratough is 210 microns thick, it is also anti-condensation treated on one side with that side faced downward toward the crop.  The anti-condensation feature helps prevent condensation droplets from forming on the greenhouse covers inside surface and thus assists in preventing condensation water-droplets from falling onto the crop below. This feature can substantially reduce the incidence and spreading of crop diseases and fungal growth’s that can cost you valuable time spray use and of course crop production losses.

Duratough 210 is offered to the larger commercial growers / users at a reduced price when purchased in jumbo roll lengths of either 300 or 500m helping to keep costs down and reduce wastage.

Duratough 210 is available in Six popular widths of  4.05m, 5.5m, 7.5m, 9.2m, 11.4m, and 13.1m These widths may be purchased in any length (5m minimum) and a ‘cut to length’ service is offered by Redpath allowing customers to order only the length of roll(s) that they require. (Please select your preferred length from the drop-down arrows below).

NOTE: Cut to length prices are slightly more expensive than the full Jumbo roll rates, However popular lengths of all widths are often held in stock.

Some of examples of Duratough 210 prices* including GST, – many other sizes available!

5.5m width x 10m = $226.57, x 20m  = $377.61, x 40m  = $528.66
7.5m width x 10m = $308.96, x 20m =  $514.93, x 30m =  $540.67
9.2m width x 10m = $378.99, x 18m =  $568.48, x 30m =  $663.23

Jumbo rolls:

5.5m x 500m = $4908.97              ($9.82 Lineal meter !) 
7.5m x 500m = $6694.04              ($13.39 Lineal meter !) 
9.2m x 300m =  $4926.82             ($16.42 Lineal meter !)

Please click the drop down arrow at the base of this page beside “prices listed” to see the full range of prices for every roll length of each width.
* Prices are subject to change at any time, Freight is not included Call 03 5441 8284 to confirm availability and place an order

Redpath Duratough 210 is supplied with a 45month year pro-rata UV factory warranty* .  See warranty & conditions *Some conditions apply.

From $1.79 per m2, Jumbo master rolls price shown in dropdowns below

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