Greenhouse Screens – Shade / Thermal / Blackout

Redpath Screens, for Shade, Thermal or Blackout

Overhead shade, blackout and energy screens are a very effective method of accurate solar energy, light and thermal energy control. With shade protection the suns radiation can be reflected away from the crop and evacuated by the greenhouses venting system.

Blackout screens are used to control flowering cycles of various crops within the greenhouse.

Thermal screens are also highly efficient when used within a heated greenhouse environment via the much reduced air space needed to be heated.

Redpath screens are high woven leno weave material, and UV resistant.


  • Optimize light and growth
  • Reduce the volume of air to be heated
  • Restrict the loss of heated air
  • Reduction in temperatures at plant level in summertime
  • Improved crop quality and consistency
  • Screens may be dedicated shade or thermal type – or be a combination of both.
  • Blackout screens for light control

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